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Disability and Life Insurance

To maintain financial stability through life’s challenges, you must ensure that your income is properly protected. This area is often overlooked or taken too lightly. Properly structured disability and life insurance can be some of the most important financial decisions you make during your career. PWP are protection specialists. We will make sure you can plan for tomorrow after taking care of today.

Retirement Planning

As a physician, you have a shorter time span to achieve financial independence than the average American. You also have the tremendous headwind of taxes and a higher retirement lifestyle to finance. As a result, normal retirement accounts alone are not enough to get you to a comfortable retirement. Other tax-sheltered strategies must be used. We will design a strategic savings plan that will work during accumulation, through income distribution and right to legacy.

Tax Minimization Strategies

Tax strategies is all about using legitimate and legal methods in order to pay as little in taxes as possible. Therefore, we partner with accounting firms in order to give our clients the most accurate and up-to-date tax strategies.

Employee Benefits & Pension

Our team can help you reduce employee benefit costs, keep up with the changing laws and maximize your benefits. At the same time we design your benefits in a way you can reward key employees and highly compensated individuals, including owners, with non-qualified plan designs that meet your objectives.

Estate Planning

Estate planning is where the culmination of all your years of hard work are recognized. From income planning to legacy, decisions you make along the way will set the course for how well your estate plan meets your desired objectives. We help you coordinate your portfolios with your attorney or one of our estate attorneys so that no opportunities are missed.


Our advisers work with you to make sure that all of your various investment accounts are properly coordinated. This method is intended to reduce risks, expenses, and unnecessary taxes through a well-balanced and properly designed investment approach.

Contract Negotiation *

We partner with top attorneys who specialize in the negotiation and review of employment contracts. Our attorneys have reviewed thousands of contracts for our clients and have helped many of them secure better contracts by helping them know the right questions to ask.

Asset Protection

We review your portfolio, liability insurance and asset vulnerabilities to help you identify and address those vulnerabilities. A carefully constructed asset protection strategy that is fully implemented early on, before trouble arises, is much more likely to succeed, and can save you hundreds of thousands, or even millions of dollars.

Business and Mortgage Financing *

Through the coordination of your financial advisory and a good banking professional, you can ensure that your financing is on track with other financial objectives. We have strategic relationships with loan officers who deal exclusively in the medical market. Because of this you have every advantage and the best design when you are dealing with your business or personal financing needs.

* Neither The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America, Park Avenue Securities, nor any of their affiliates or subsidiaries endorses or has any direct or indirect ownership,affiliation or responsibility with respect to the following activities: Contract negotiation, Business and Mortgage Financing. These activities are provided by an unaffiliated third party and not by Physicians Wealth Strategies.