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Physicians Wealth Strategies, LLC

Physicians Wealth Strategies, LLC was specifically created to help medical professionals organize and manage their personal and business finances. We specialize in protecting your income, your business and your family through proper insurance protection and asset management. Our extensive experience in the industry, along with state-of-the-art financial tools and strategic industry partners, develop a strategy designed to provide our clients with financial balance.

We understand the unique situations that impact a physician's wealth accumulation. Liability risks, employees, student loans, insurance and taxes are just a few of the outside forces that can cause getting on a balanced and successful financial path seem like a luxury that can wait. We understand the enormous time and mental demands building a practice involves. We are uniquely set up to serve as your financial specialists, working on your plan while you work your practice.

Using a personalized, concierge-level approach, our primary goal is to help doctors successfully navigate through their many unique financial options.

Financial planning for physicians is really about identifying the things that are important to you in your life and helping you achieve them. A proper plan takes into account your personal goals and constraints, the economic environment, current tax laws, and realistic investment expectations. We fully realize that everyone’s financial situation is unique. Our comprehensive process analyzes your financial position and lifestyle, creates an integrated action plan, and helps you execute this plan. Our duty is to act as the Chief Financial Officer for each of our clients, giving them the information they need to make financial decisions effectively.

  • Phase I - Identify Needs and Prioritize Objective
  • Phase II - Data Gathering and Analysis
  • Phase III - Financial Plan Presentation and Recommendations
  • Phase IV - Track Ongoing Progress

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